How Much is an Oil Change at Ford?

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When figuring out the cost of an oil change for your Ford in Bloomington, you need to think about factors like the model, the type of oil it needs, and any extra services. At Sam Leman Ford, we emphasize transparent pricing to give you a clear picture of the expenses involved in keeping your Ford in top shape. In this guide, we’ll go into the details of Ford oil change costs and explain why selecting Sam Leman Ford for this service is a smart choice.

How much is an oil change at Ford? The cost of a Ford oil change varies depending on your vehicle’s specifications, typically ranging from $35 to $75. At Sam Leman Ford, we regularly provide special promotions to make routine vehicle maintenance budget-friendly. Our highly skilled technicians, trained to meet your vehicle’s unique needs, ensure optimal performance. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing details, reach out to our team and explore our Ford dealership oil change coupons for potential savings.



How Much Does it Cost For an Oil Change?

How much is an oil change? The cost of an oil change varies based on your vehicle’s needs:

  • Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil: The choice between synthetic and conventional oil plays a role in determining the cost. How much does it cost for an oil change using synthetic oil? Synthetic oil, priced around $70, is tailored for high-performance engines and boasts an extended lifespan. However, it may not be essential for all vehicles.
  • Dealership Service Departments: How much does it cost for an oil change at a Ford dealership? Dealership service departments typically charge slightly more than basic oil and labor costs. Opting for Sam Leman Ford not only ensures a routine oil change but also provides an opportunity for our skilled technicians to showcase their expertise in handling various service tasks for your Ford.
  • New Vehicle Warranty: If you own a new Ford, the warranty might cover complimentary routine maintenance, including oil changes, for a specified period or mileage. This adds value to your ownership experience and helps maintain your vehicle without incurring extra costs.

During a Ford dealership oil change at Sam Leman Ford, our skilled technicians can also inspect and address potential issues with your brakes, steering, tires, or ignition. Take advantage of this opportunity for a comprehensive vehicle check-up and explore our Ford dealership oil change coupons for added value. Are you overdue for an oil change? Find out how often you should change your oil to see if it’s time for service.

Why Choose Sam Leman Ford for a Ford Oil Change?

Opting for Sam Leman Ford for your Ford oil change offers several advantages:

  • Expertise of Certified Technicians: Our certified technicians bring extensive knowledge of Ford vehicles to the table, ensuring meticulous care and service for your vehicle.
  • Maintenance Plan Inclusions: If your Ford is covered under a maintenance plan, you may find that oil changes are included at minimal to no cost. This offers a cost-effective option for routine care, making it convenient for you to keep your vehicle in top condition.
  • Competitive Pricing: Contrary to common perception, dealership oil changes at Sam Leman Ford are competitively priced, often on par with local auto shops.

Visit Sam Leman Ford for a Low-Cost Oil Change

Is it time for your Ford’s oil change? At Sam Leman Ford, we take pride in our skilled team, cutting-edge equipment, and affordable service rates. Conveniently situated near Normal, %%target_city_2%, and Champaign, we extend an invitation for you to experience a swift and efficient oil change with us. Whether you prefer to reach out online or give us a call at 309-459-8115, we’re here to answer any questions about our oil services or Ford oil change coupons. Rely on Sam Leman Ford for a dependable and wallet-friendly maintenance experience. Additionally, explore other valuable service insights, such as how to reset your tire pressure light or the Ford maintenance schedule.

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