Should You Be Buying that Used Car in Bloomington?

September 26th, 2017 by

If you are still undecided about the purchase of a new or used car, maybe the following information will help. Here at Sam Leman Ford Bloomington, we take extreme pride in maintaining all our used cars, so they are just as reliable as the new ones leaving the showroom floor.

The big difference between a new and used car is the price tag. You can select from a huge inventory of used cars and pick one that is just in your price range. The other advantage to buying used is you pay far less in sales tax and registration fees too. The depreciation of a new car hurts the resale value, something you will not have to worry about buying used.

Our dealership has some of the most skilled mechanics in the county, and they work hard to provide to a strong rider you can enjoy on the roads of this city for many years to come. Stop in and see what they can do for you at 1508 Morrissey Drive today!