Transition from summer to fall with a helpful service appointment

September 7th, 2017 by

The transition into the fall season has begun, as much as some of us may be in denial. Before we know it temperatures will be chilly, days will be shorter and our beautiful summer will be behind us. Sam Leman Ford Bloomington is here to make sure that your vehicle also enjoys a smooth transition of seasons by providing it with some much needed tender love and care — and doing any repairs with OEM Ford parts.

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More frequent travel, high summer temperatures and humidity can sometimes wreak havoc on your vehicle. That’s where our expert technicians who staff our service center step in and take over, however. We’ll make sure everything is running properly under your hood and check out your oil, fluid levels, tires, wipers and more. We’ll align your front end, rotate or install new tires, provide you with any new parts you might need and perform any repairs that may be necessary for you to travel safely. Whatever your vehicle requires, our team of experts can deliver it seamlessly.

Don’t deny your vehicle the proper care and attention it needs to provide you with a long, fulfilling time on the road. Schedule your service appointment today and we’ll get right to work.

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